ASM1218 - Pure American Red Genetics


Friends visiting from Grootfontein Namibia


Happy with Meadowood Brahman genetics

Our first Polled Bull bred from the best polled genetics

Tired of training



ASM1116 on his way to his new home in Botswana.  Exports available to all SADEC countries

First polled bull calf from the magnificent bull Mr Emperor.  Naturally polled."loose the horns".

    The legend Manie Maritz  

Two cows in the ring

Two show cows in the ring

Marnitz with a good calf


Our new polled calf with Mr. Dave Andrews from Canada

Sharing a moment with friends from Canada and America

Sharing a moment with Will Detering and Michael from Detering Brahmans Texas and Panama and Dave Andrews from Canada with the whole family with a calf of Oro Rojo 800 bred by Detering Red.

Marnitz inspecting a calf before entering the ring

Sharing dinner with friends from Canada and Germany

GAM1014 Winning 3rd place.  Glad he is our herd sire!

Nando and Sylvie eating potjiekos in Africa


Waiting for his turn in the ring

When do I get a change in the ring?


2012 World Brahman Congress in Panama

2012 World Brahman Congress in Panama



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